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  1. Let The Word of Christ Dwell In You Richly AcaRadio 0:11
  2. Total Praise ASAP
  3. That's Why We Praise Him Beginnings
  4. Soul Repented Angelena 4:25
  5. Better Than Blessed
  6. Help Me Birmingham Sunlights
  7. More Like Him Brothers With Voices
  8. The Great I Am ASAP
  9. What About You Brothers With Voices
  10. Family Song Committed Acappella Chorus
  11. God Will Provide ASAP
  12. He Will Always Be There Candlelights-
  13. Keep on Serving Him Brothers With Voices
  14. It's Alright ASAP 4:31
  15. Jesus is More Committed Acappella Chorus
  16. Shelter Angelena 3:36
  17. Just Another Day
  18. I Really Love The Lord Central Pointe Church of Christ -
  19. If It Had Not Been Gor The Lord Central Pointe Church of Christ
  20. Safe In His Arms Chapter 2
  21. Heaven's On The Other Side Brothers With Voices
  22. The Tomb Chapter 2
  23. Cool Inside Featuring Chris Turner Artist 7:50
  24. Yes I Know Jesus Chapter 2
  25. What Shall We Say Chosen
  26. Angels Watching Chris Turner
  27. I Like It Chris Turner
  28. Victory Committed Acappella Chorus
  29. A Love Like You Committed
  30. God Is Always There Cornelius "The Strong" Edwards
  31. Don't Worry
  32. Living Life
  33. Singing Praises To The Lord Daryl Burnett
  34. My Only Hope Daryl M. Burnett 3:54
  35. Delight Thy self to the Lord
  36. Hear the Word of God Devoted
  37. Are You Ready Artist 4:22
  38. Lord Don't Leave Me - RM Dorian Paul Williams
  39. Did You Think To Pray 4 Christians Stars
  40. He is so Wonderful Dorian Paul Williams
  41. I'm Going To Make It Henry Harris
  42. Canaan's Land Dorian Paul Williams
  43. The Shepard Southside Singers

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